Thursday, August 27, 2009

How the history of oil becomes an argument over its future

Here's some good writing from Kate Mackenzie at the Financial Times' Energy Source:
It’s 150 years since oil was first drilled. Do you…

a) Write a long piece for a respected periodical, reflecting on your Pulitzer-prize winning book, increased volatility and state-control of oil, and the folly of peak oil?

b) Run an oped by a well-known critic of peak oil, criticising peak oil?

c) Write an angry rebuttal of said oped, and let the debate unfold?

d) Invite the author of said oped to a long-term bet on oil prices settling at $40?


a) Yes - if you are Daniel Yergin

b) Yes - if you are the New York Times/Michael Lynch

c) Yes - if you are The Oil Drum

d) Yes - if you are Joe Romm