Monday, July 14, 2008

Solar Stocks Posting Small Gains: "The Cat Lives..." (FSLR, TSL)

Looking at the market's desultory reaction to the Fannie/Freddie news and the fact that most of the solar's are up, I am reminded of the scene in "Basil the Rat" were Mr. Fawlty learns the cat has not been poisoned:
...Terry:'s the cat?
Basil: How's the cat? We're about to take the life of a public health inspector and you want to know how's the cat? It's gone to London to see the Queen!
Polly: He's all right!
Terry: Great!
Basil: Hooray! Hooray! The cat lives! The cat lives! Long live the cat!...
It's at 4:28 on the video.