Monday, December 3, 2007

USCAP Didn't Say It (And We Didn't Link it). Today's word is Verisimilitude.

We will however link to the Energy Roundup so you have an idea what Climateer is babbling about:
Global Hoaxing Is Warm

In the latest ‘gotcha’ moment of the global-warming debate, the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, representing 33 major U.S. companies that have called for a mandatory U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions constraint, says it was the victim of a “fraudulent” news release making the rounds earlier Monday.

The fake release, which included USCAP letterhead and a fake Web site address, said companies such as General Motors, General Electric, Alcoa, and Shell were calling for a moratorium on new coal-fired plants and a 90% cut in greenhouse gas emissions. It came out on the opening day of a big United Nations global-warming confab in Indonesia.

That “misstates the positions of USCAP,” read the authentic counter-battery fire released later. The group favors a “mandatory economy-wide, market-driven approach to climate protection,” it says on its real Web site.

What it doesn’t say on its site is that the motley corporate crew that constitutes USCAP’s menbership disagrees mightily within itself over how exactly the U.S. should structure an emissions rule....MORE

Regular readers know that Climateer Investing doesn't have a lot of respect for USCAP (well, maybe for their $2.9 Trillion revenues). That said, we don't have a lot of respect for the hoaxers.
It wasn't very well done. Today's word is verisimilitude:
the property of seeming true, of resembling reality; resemblance to reality