Thursday, December 13, 2007

GE should exit credit-card business: Citigroup (C). And: A Sign of the Apocalypse?

I know, I know. But I couldn't stop laughing.

From MarketWatch:

General Electric Co., which is considering selling part of its credit-card portfolio to shift resources into faster-growing businesses, would do best to exit consumer-financial services altogether, Citigroup said Wednesday.

"A complete exit of consumer (GE Money) still is not planned, but would be constructive in our view," Citigroup analyst Jeffrey Sprague wrote to investors.
"Problems in consumer finance could prove to be a distraction in 2008, undermining the attractiveness of GE's infrastructure exposure," he said. Sprague kept his buy rating on the stock....MORE

On a more serious note MW also relays:

Schultz sees an apocalypse now
Commentary: Veteran editor declares 'A financial tsunami is upon us'

Occasionally, I get reader emails claiming that The International Harry Schultz Letter's Harry Schultz is dead. He himself insists in an email to me that he is still alive. But he must be well over 80 now, although he's always been mysterious about his age. I notice that that he's now listed as "editor emeritus," although the letter is still written in his characteristically quirky first-person voice....MORE