Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bali- What China wants

From Ethical Corporation:

ClimateChangeCorp.com's editor Zara Maung is in Bali covering the climate change negotiations. In her first blog post, she explores China's take on technology transfer

“This is a negotiation about a negotiation about a negotiation”.

This is Cedric Philibert's take on Bali today. Philibert coordinates the Energy Efficiency and Environment Division at the International Energy Agency based in Paris.Forget substance, he says, the negotiations today about technology transfer are discussions about the nature of future negotiations, not about the technologies themselves. Political talks over tech transfer can be broken down as such: low carbon technology transfer is currently included in Kyoto as a voluntary initiative.

Industrialised countries are encouraged, under the agreement, to give technological advice to less developed countries. Today China is looking to move the tech transfer debate forwards. China suggests that post-2012 talks should include a debate about whether to make technology transfer a mandatory obligation for developed countries....MORE