Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bali Climate Change Headlines

Our link-vault is stuffed full. We have to do a link dump just to clear a path to the back of the vault.
Here, in no particular order are some of today's headlines:

Bali climate talks throw focus on Kyoto offsets
In Bali, EU Floats 50% Greenhouse Gas Cut
‘Climate refugees’ seek help in Bali
False Expectation Setting for Bali
UN climate of futility blossoms in Bali
China wants climate talks to back technology fund
Could climate change aggravate terrorism?
Poor nations demand climate technology amid warnings over sea levels
Carbon-Intensive South Faces Climate Crisis, Even Without Greenhouse Gas from the North
Opening Positions Spark Debate at Global Climate Change Conference

New mechanisms required for China's climate change efforts - Greenpeace
We're all part of the Chinese emissions problem
Asian woman is Australia's first gay Cabinet minister
Saudi Arabia gets Fossil of The Day award at Bali
Dion: A Gadfly Goes to Bali
UN climate body chief urges more resources for climate change adaptation

Will Bali ring the changes on global warming?
Church bells in Ireland to sound the alarm on global warming

Be prepared with climate change emergency kit

Mining union urges target for carbon capture technology
Carbon capture not on table at UN climate talks – official

Green Activists Fear Countries May Be Losing Zeal for Kyoto
'First Date' Quip Haunts Climate Change Official’s virtual Bali on Second Life