Thursday, November 15, 2007

China vs. Earth

I don't mean for this to be a China blog, but everything is connected and if you,
a) can spot the connections and
b) can understand what you're seeing, you'll make a buck (Yuan, Renminbi).

Besides as they say around here, "Climateer, he's a man who goes where the action is".
(okay, I'm the only one who says it, and I've noticed a huge drop off in party invitations since the self-referential Tourette's [without the coprolalia] kicked in)

Here are some of the China headlines from the link-vault:

From the Manila Times
Blame China and India

From the China Post:
IEA: China, India sap world energy

From Reuters:
China attacks "subjective" IEA energy outlook

From the Telegraph:
China leads race for world's riches

From Oil & Gas Journal:
WEC: Huge energy investment needs seen for China, India

From the Financial Times Lex column:

China goes shopping

From the Washington Post:
U.S. Buyout Kings Bet on China

From Reuters:
Ecolutions to invest IPO proceeds in China, India

From Peoples Daily:
China to mass produce maglev wind power generators

From Blue Skies China:
GE working to get China turbine ban lifted

Chinese gensets undercut multinationals by nearly 40%

From Greentech Media:
Could China Steal the Solar Throne?

See what I mean?
I'll leave off with a story that may encourage me to apply for a position as a trade negotiator:

China: Lost names of the brick kiln slaves
Following up on the horrific brick kiln slave scandal from earlier this summer, one journalist blogger has launched an online campaign to find the names and whereabouts of the more than three hundred freed kiln slaves the government failed to release, and to correct the faulty details on the small list that was made public. Joel Martinsen at Chinese media news blog Danwei has translated the background to the campaign, noting that it is being strongly supported by many independent bloggers and progressive journalists [zh].