Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Paul Samuelson has a word of advice for investors, consumers and turkeys.

No markets or blog tomorrow. We leave you with an exerpt from something EconoSpeak called a must-read:
...Watch developments closely. If America's Christmas retail sales fail badly - as they could when high energy prices and high mortgage costs pinch consumers' pocket books - then be prepared to accelerate credit infusions by central banks on the three main continents ... What the world does not need now is tolerance for any persistent weakness in global Main Street growth. It is better when physicians worry too much about a patient's health than when they worry too little.
-Paul Samuelson
From the IHT
HT/Lifted from: EconoSpeak
His IHT link doesn't work, I'll find the story and be right back.
Paul Samuelson in the IHT