Thursday, November 29, 2007

Planktos is Now on the Pink Sheets

The senile dementia is kicking in.
I can't remember if going from the OTC Bulletin Board to the Pink Sheets is a step closer to, or a step away from, an NYSE listing.
There are some very good companies quoted on the Pinks.
In 1994 (it was a slow year) we looked at and analyzed every company listed there, mining for treasure.
We found some extraordinary values.
Unfortunately, when the market took off in '95 value was out, growth (exemplified by Netscape's IPO, here's some inside chatter.) was in and three months of work was set aside.

Here's Planktos:

PLKT — Planktos Corp.
Com ($0.001)
Primary Venue: Pink Sheets
Inside Quote
Best BidBest AskTime of Last Inside Change
0.21 (5000 shares)0.24 (5000 shares)10:49 AM

Trade Data / Last Trade 10:44 AM
Last Sale0.20Change-0.09
% Change-31.0345TickDown
Daily High0.33Daily Low0.20
Opening Price0.33Volume47,200
Annual HighundefinedAnnual Lowundefined
Prev Close0.29Dividendundefined
Yield0.00Beta Coefficientundefined