Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oil-For-Food Lives! Prosecutions: "Please Sir, I Want Some More" & Maurice Strong Checks In

Oliver Twist had one of the great "More" quotes.

Samuel Gompers, when asked "What do you want?" said "More".

Here's Gompers on his goals: “We do want more, and when it becomes more, we shall still want more. And we shall never cease to demand more until we have received the results of our labor.”

And Gompers on capitalism:
“The worst crime against working people is a company which fails to operate at a profit”

As an aside, Maurice Strong, mentioned below, pronounces his name "Morris" rather than "More-eese".

The Wall Street Journal's Energy Roundup alerts us to Vitol's guilty plea in a kickback scheme, Here's the Journal's stub:
Swiss oil-trading company Vitol SA pleaded guilty to a larceny charge in connection with a scheme to pay secret kickbacks to the Iraqi government in exchange for oil under the ...
A couple readers have asked why I end O-F-F stories with "Maurice Strong was not available for comment"

Click here to see the $988,885.00 check from Saddam Hussein to Maurice Strong, delivered by Saddam's bagman, Tongsun Park. Strong is a dirty, dirty guy.