Thursday, November 29, 2007

All I Want for Christmas Is a Compost Bin

When I was a pup, a very old, very experienced trader advised me to "only read the headlines" in the Wall Street Journal, skimming until I had seen every page. Then I was to go back and read two stories that I thought might make money that day. The next step was to take note of stories to look at that evening. Then: Put the paper in your briefcase.

It is a difficult discipline.
With its worldwide reach and high-value, low-pay writers and editors you can spend hours with the darn thing.

Today I was torn between posting an on-topic story with the above headline, drawing our reader's attention to the ongoing green marketing meme, or linking to a take home story.
I'll do both.

Eco-Friendly Retailers Tout
'Green' Holiday Presents;
Carbon-Offset Gift Certificates


Trappist Command:
Thou Shalt Not Buy
Too Much of Our Beer
Monks at St. Sixtus Battle
Resellers of Prized Brew;
Brother Joris Plays Hardball

The Trappist monks at St. Sixtus monastery have taken vows against riches, sex and eating red meat. They speak only when necessary. But you can call them on their beer phone.

Monks have been brewing Westvleteren beer at this remote spot near the French border since 1839. Their brew, offered in strengths up to 10.2% alcohol by volume, is among the most highly prized in the world. In bars from Brussels to Boston, and online, it sells for more than $15 for an 11-ounce bottle -- 10 times what the monks ask -- if you can get it.

For the 26 monks at St. Sixtus, however, success has brought a spiritual hangover as they fight to keep an insatiable market in tune with their life of contemplation....MORE