Saturday, July 14, 2007

OPEC Quarterly Environmental Newsletter

I'm giving away my edge but OPEC does a good job in their newsletter, with a touch of "We're not to blame, we only sell the stuff". Here's the second quarter, 2007 (which appears truncated, there's usually a list of links in the back, I'll dig up Q1 for comparison).

Climate Change Update
4 G8 Summit and the G5
4 India’s volkswagen
5 Biofuels impact on wheat production
5 Biofuels impact food prices
6 The European biofuel business
6 OECD-FAO assess biofuel’s impact on the world’s agriculture market
7 China and the G8 on climate change
7 China: the world’s factory
8 US Senate approves raising fuel-efficiency standards
8 Methane from dams, another contributor to global warming
9 Indonesia on deforestation
9 Most business want more regulation on climate change?
Environment on the Internet

Update: Here's the OPEC First Quarter Environmental Newsletter, also sans linkfest. I'll look into their disappearance and report back.

Update II: OPEC has taken the links from the Newsletters and given them their own address. Climateer Investing, we don't quit until the job is done (or something else grabs our ADD addled [see!] brains).