Monday, July 30, 2007

Planktos-Oh Now What?

Well, they've got China blaming the United States for allowing this for-profit geo-engineering. I know you're busy this morning, I'll do some emboldening. Don't miss the special proposition at the end of the post.

From Peoples Daily:

Ecuador rejects U.S. experimental project in Galapagos

Ecuador said on Friday it rejects a U.S. experimental project to eliminate carbon dioxide from Galapagos Island's ocean waters.

The U.S. Planktos Inc. company, which is headquartered in California, proposed the experimental project to disseminate 80 tons of iron particles350 miles (560 km) west of Galapagos Islands' coasts, Ecuador's Foreign Ministry said in a communique on Friday.

What do you think the official house organ is trying to say?

As you know earnings reporting season is in full swing. It's been my experience, watching operations like Planktos that they try to file their 10Q's at the close on the last day possible.

However this year, Aug. 14 is a Tuesday and they might not want to leave that high hanging curveball just sitting out there for someone to tee up. Friday the 10th after the close maybe?

I'm thinking of having some Climateer mugs made up for future quiz shows, if anyone guesses time and date I'll put them on the list, or we could trade; I'd like another House of Reps. and a swap with Threadneedle St. would work for this counterparty.

Thanks for visiting, everyone; I hope the first half of this lyric line is true, I know the second half isn't:

I know I keep you amused but I feel I'm being used