Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Best Hurricane Commentary, Ever

Margie Kieper is filling in for Jeff Masters at Wunderground:

Another news trend cropped up the last part of July: fearful the public might forget about the danger of hurricanes making landfall during the hurricane season, rather than just remind us regularly during the off-season, it’s now become vogue to remind us periodically during the season.

So, for anyone who hasn’t yet heard this several times recently: a slow July is normal, and doesn’t mean we’re not in for an active season. August starts the day after tomorrow, and it’s going to be active. Or busier than average. Or above normal. Maybe not as many storms as predicted in May, but still more than normal. Certainly more than the old normal. Possibly more than the post-1994 normal.

July to August, as far as hurricanes are concerned is, apparently, like getting in a car with your grandmother behind the wheel, put-putting along slowly in the right lane, then, just as you’re about to doze off, suddenly realizing that she’s put on some pre-1930s-trendy aviator goggles, is laughing maniacally, and you’ve swerved into the fast lane, in some crazy freewheeling Fear-and-Loathing road trip.

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