Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Are green-minded folks getting their money's worth?

Kathy Frisinger is funny. How's this for a lead:

1. Fill up Prius. Check.

2. Buy compact fluorescent bulbs for bathroom. Check.

3. Remember to bring cloth bag to farmers market. Check.

4. Buy TerraPass. ... TerraPass? Huh?

Planktos got mentioned in the fourth paragraph and deeper into the story is this quote:

And Romm says he believes that a program like the Planktos plan to seed water near the Galapagos with iron to encourage the growth of plankton, which in theory would draw carbon from the air, is particularly worrisome.

"The CEO is a very earnest guy who cares deeply about forests and life in the ocean, so I can't fault him for that," Romm says. "But we don't know with any certainty that it would reduce emissions. We don't know with any certainty that it wouldn't do more harm than good."

I see Planktos' stock got spanked this morning but is coming back.

As always I am reminded of something else, this time a line I think I read about Hanover Sterling. One of their stocks was dropping and the Mafia sales manager gets up on a desk and screams
"Nobody's gettin' out!
In fact, you're all doubling up!".

The "...Money's Worth" story is from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram