Monday, July 23, 2007

An Email from the President of Planktos

On 7/23/07, russ george wrote:
Your statement that Planktos has hired and paid for the information being promoted by is utterlly false and intended to mislead your readers. Planktos has not in any way
been associated with that organization or the production of the information presented on that web site. We do not endorse that information nor support it and are in no way responsible for it. We ask that you correct your false and misleading comments pertaining to this. If you have any knowledge about the world of stock promotion you would know that any person is able to produce and distribute such information and that such information does not automatically link to the company being promoted.
Russ George - president

This post has been referenced in an update to the post, "Planktos, How Low Will They Go" below.