Sunday, July 29, 2007

How Not To Do Journalism (Slightly Off-topic)

BBC to teach its stars honesty

John Humphrys and Jeremy Paxman will be required to join Mark Thompson, the director general of the BBC, on a mandatory new training programme to teach honesty to BBC staff.

From the Telegraph

And a reprise of one of my favorites; from the Ottawa Citizen:

“The Ottawa Citizen and Southam News wish to apologize for our apology to Mark Steyn, published October 22nd. In correcting the incorrect statements about Mr. Steyn, published October 15th, we incorrectly published the incorrect correction. We accept and regret that our original regrets were unacceptable, and we apologize to Mr. Steyn for any previous distress caused by our previous apology.”

HT: Jay Leno

Come on folks, it's not rocket surgery.