Saturday, July 14, 2007

Climate Change and Sectors: Some Like it Hot

From Deutsche Bank Research. I love these folk, obviously sharp.

...Climate change has not just an environmental-climatic dimension but also a regulatory-market economy dimension. The latter includes government measures that are supposed to
tackle climate change and its negative consequences. This dimension will affect most sectors much earlier than the climate dimension.

...There is enormous potential for the construction industry and related sectors in the energy-related refurbishment of existing buildings (e.g. insulation). Repairing the damage from extreme weather events can trigger temporary and regional special business activities.

...Many industrial sectors could contribute to tackling climate change and its negative consequences. These include mechanical engineering (e.g. air-conditioning, heating and ventilation engineering, irrigation technology) and electrical engineering (e.g. energy control equipment, energy-efficient household appliances). They have enormous growth opportunities and are therefore amongst the winners from climate change.
Cross-section industries like the chemical industry could also benefit. Even more jobs will be created in the booming environmental technology sector. The car industry faces major challenges but has an opportunity for international success with energy-efficient vehicles.

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