Monday, January 9, 2023

Meanwhile In France....(MCD)

Two from Benzinga:

December 21

EXCLUSIVE: McDonald's Says French Diktat On Reusable Packaging Brings 'Operational And Financial Challenges'

Fast-food giant McDonald’s says new French law prohibiting using disposables in restaurants would bring operational and financial challenges for the industry.

What Happened: France is readying to impose a new law that would soon ban fast-food eateries in the European nation to be able to use disposable containers, plates, cups and tableware for clients eating in the restaurant — the latest measure from a 2020 law to combat waste and encourage recycling.

McDonald’s told Benzinga in a statement, "The mandatory implementation of reusables as the only solution comes with significant operational and financial challenges for our business and the entire industry." 

The fast-food giant added that it is testing reusable packaging in France to ensure compliance with imminent local legislation, adding, "There still needs to be more evidence to prove reusable solutions’ acceptance by customers, environmental impacts and effectiveness in practice."....


 And December 20:

McDonald's In France Struggles With Asking Customers To Please Not Throw Cutlery In The Bin

Yes, I can see where there might be a problem.