Sunday, January 23, 2022

"Svalbard Minute by Minute"

Can you feel the excitement?

From NRK, Norwegian public television, January 27, 2020:

The Norwegian public broadcaster, NRK, marks the 100th anniversary of the Svalbard Treaty by offering the longest slow TV-broadcast ever: A nine-day Arctic expedition around Spitsbergen, the largest of the Svalbard islands. The broadcast premieres Friday, January 31.

Viewers will be dazzled by jaw-dropping scenery and close encounters with natural wildlife during the nine-day, five hour and 59-minute long broadcast. Or: The 13 319 minutes of slow TV - uninterrupted.

The journey will be broadcast in its entirety on channel NRK2 in Norway from 6 PM (CET) January 31. until February 9, 2020. International viewers can follow the spectacular expedition online:

The NRK team joined Hurtigruten's expedition ship «MS Spitsbergen» in August of 2019.

– Through 17 cameras, an abundance of stories, history and information, all accompanied by Norwegian and Sámi music, we offer viewers from all over the world the closest and most sustainable way possible to experience the real deal. This is the slowest – and at the same time the most amazing slow production so far, promises NRKs Project Lead, Thomas Hellum. Hellum is the master mind behind all the previous slow-TV productions from NRK: Slow TV....

....MORE, now on video rather than live but with the addition of instant-replay so you don't miss any of the action.

When the show was first announced our reaction was
"Norway's Slow TV to feature Svalbard round the clock for nine days"
Sounds good but I don't see how anything can top National Knitting Night.*
 Jus' sayin'
* "National Knitting Night":
which was followed by the sequels
  • National Knitting Evening
  • National Knitting Morning
because, as Rune Moklebust, one of the the producers said:
"Well, it has to be unique -- not a copy of the last one,"
"So we have to push the boundaries for each show, I think."
We'll be back with 18 hours of salmon swimming upstream if I can find it.
(not quite as soothing, you start rooting for the salmon and, well it can get intense)