Monday, January 24, 2022

"China accused of hijacking Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison's WeChat account"

From ZD Net, January 23:

The Australian Prime Minister is still yet to retrieve access to his WeChat despite making contact with the 'Chinese community' hours ago.

A Liberal member of parliament has accused the Chinese government of foreign interference after Prime Minister Scott Morrison's account on WeChat was hijacked.

"It is a matter of record that the platform has stopped the Prime Minister's access, while Anthony Albanese's account is still active featuring posts criticising the government," Liberal representative Gladys Liu said.

"In an election year especially, this sort of interference in our political processes is unacceptable, and this matter should be taken extremely seriously by all Australian politicians."

As part of the accusations against the Chinese government, Liu said she would boycott using her official and personal WeChat accounts until an explanation was provided by the platform about the incident....