Monday, January 31, 2022

Media: Izzy is Back

From Izabella Kaminska's latest venture, The Blind Spot:

My name is Izabella Kaminska. You may know me as the former editor of the FT’s finance and markets blog FT Alphaville. Or simply as Izzy.

I’ve loved my time at the Financial Times. It was truly an honour to learn my craft at such an illustrious organisation. But after 13 years, it’s time for a change. Forces beyond the control of any single editor, journalist or even publication are constraining the capacity of large — often mainstream — organisations to think critically or creatively about storytelling. Innovation is being stifled by strange centralising forces that dare not question consensus. That’s no good in markets or finance. Asset prices don’t care about taboos, feelings or sensitivities. They care about how perceptions square up against reality.

Today I’m launching The Blind Spot, a financial media service that aims to shine a light on stories being missed by the wider journalistic pack. I’ve thought about this a lot, for a long time. It’s a scary and financially precarious undertaking. But, journalistically, it actually makes sense. For one thing, it will help me better understand the pressure founders and business leaders are under. How and why good intentions in business get corrupted. How frequently pitfalls accompany successes. This in turn will make me a better and more responsible financial journalist. It will also make for a very good story.

If things shape up as planned, The Blind Spot will be part-one of a stupidly ambitious two-part mega plan aimed at reconfiguring how information is organised on the internet so that trust can start to be rebuilt online. If things don’t shape up as planned, at least I can say I tried....