Friday, January 28, 2022

"Hackers hacked France’s Ministry of Justice and threaten to release the stolen files if ransom is not paid by February 10"

 From TechStartups, January 28:

The Lockbit 2.0 ransomware gang announced Thursday it had hacked France’s Ministry of Justice’s systems and threatened to release the files stolen unless France government meets its demand. The infamous cybercriminal group said it has encrypted the stolen files and now asking for a ransom payment in return for the data.

Formerly known as “ABCD” ransomware, the LockBit is a new ransomware attack in a long line of extortion cyberattacks designed to block user access to computer systems in exchange for a ransom payment.

The group also added the French Ministry of Justice to its list of victims it publishes on a data leak site. The group gives France’s Ministry of Justice until February 10 to pay a ransom or else “all available data will be published” on the dark website. France’s cybersecurity agency (ANSSI) has yet to provide comments on the breach....


Also at TechStartups:

This 55-year-old Latvian woman, mother of two, is a member of the Trickbot cybercrime gang responsible for infecting millions of computers around the world