Tuesday, July 6, 2021

"Forget 5G: 6G Is Coming (And It Could Change Our World Forever)"

As noted a couple years ago: "It’s Never Too Early to Think About 6G":
One way to sidestep the whole Huawei-has-the-lead-in-5G issue.
Two from IEEE Spectrum. First up, a backgrounder from last year:

And from 19FortyFive:

The fifth generation of mobile phones and data networks, better known as 5G, gained widespread adoption in 2020. But talk soon began of what we can expect from the next generation after that, 6G.

In late 2020  ATISthe Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, added several members to its “Next G Alliance,” which it described at the time as “an initiative that will advance North American mobile technology leadership in 6G and beyond over the next decade, while building on the long-term evolution of 5G.”

Those members, who met last year, included Apple, Google, Intel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Charter, Cisco, Keysight Technologies, LG Electronics, Mavenir, MITRE and VMware. They joined existing members AT&T, Bell Canada, Ciena, Ericsson, Facebook, InterDigital, JMA Wireless, Microsoft, Nokia, Qualcomm Technologies Inc., Samsung, T-Mobile, TELUS, Telnyx, UScellular and Verizon.

That report indicated that 6G is unlikely to roll out until the 2030s.

Now, another new report is exploring what 6G might look like. At the recent (virtual) Mobile World Congress, Qualcomm’s leading 5G researcher Tingfang Ji talked about how both “5G Advanced,” as well as its future successor 6G, might look.

As is usually the case with new generations, 6G will likely require new bands of spectrum, with “terahertz spectrum” likely coming into play when it’s time for 6G. Terahertz is 1,000 times faster than gigahertz....


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