Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Electricity: "China Faces Outages Amid Soaring Power Demand"

I'm starting to think that despite the soothing words, China will not be cutting back on coal anytime soon.

From OilPrice:

Areas in China have started to warn residents and businesses that peak summer demand amid a heatwave could lead to outages as electricity grids buckle under peak-load surges, Bloomberg reports.

The heatwaves in China since last week have added to the jump in electricity demand as Chinese industries are rebounding after the pandemic.

The capital city Beijing, as well as Xi’an, have warned residents and factories that there would be scheduled outages as electricity grid operators struggle to keep up with record power demand. 

Xi’an temporarily cut off power to some districts last week and has asked owners of electric vehicles (EVs) to charge them outside peak demand hours. Xi’an is the center of the Shaanxi province, a key coal-producing and consuming area in China.

The heatwave and record demand for power in China comes at a time when the state looks to ensure enough thermal coal resources to keep the lights on....


All because Australia questioned the coronavirus origin story.

Very related, December 24: 

"China's own goal on Australian coal ban gives traders a massive free kick" (Glencore smiles)