Thursday, July 22, 2021

Shipping: French Engineers To Design Ammonia-Ready LNG Fuel Tanks for Hong Kong's Seaspan Containerships

Very smart. As we said in February when the ZIM deal was announced::
Shipping: Hong Kong's Seaspan Cuts A Billion Dollar Charter Deal (ATCO)
We last visited Seaspan and parent holding company in December 8's "Hong Kong Shipping: Do Not Short Seaspan's Bing Chen (ATCO)":
Or former Buffet heir apparent David Sokol for that matter but it is Chen running the larger company of the wannabe conglomerate, Atlas, and Chen who has built Seaspan into the largest non-operating ship lessor.....

From gCaptain:

South Korean shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries has awarded French engineering firm GTT with a contract to design Ammonia-ready LNG fuel tanks for five 15,000 TEU containerships.

The containerships on order for Hong Kong-based Seaspan Corporation for charter by ZIM.

GTT says each tank will have capacity of 12,000 cubic meters of LNG fuel and will be fitted with the company’s Mark III membrane containment system. Interestingly, the tanks will also be designed for future compatibility with ammonia fuel, giving Seaspan and Zim “greater operational flexibility” for adapting to changes in environmental regulations.

“This first collaboration on LNG fuel business with our long-time partner Samsung Heavy Industries, for the ship-owner Seaspan and the charterer ZIM, is a major milestone for GTT,” said Philippe Berterottière, Chairman and CEO of GTT.

“The ammonia compatibility of the ordered vessels offers flexibility and demonstrates GTT’s continued commitment to protect ship-owners investments in a context where they have to constantly adapt to evolving environmental regulations,” he added....