Sunday, July 18, 2021

"Paris welcomes first pizzeria operated entirely by robots"

Following up on 2019's "Blasphème! French Robochef Pizzaria Raises $11 Million Series A":
We only use the "Blasphème!" editorial comment for those things about which we care deeply.
The last time was Disney's remake of Mary Poppins.
From EuroNews, July 8:

A new kind of chef is making a splash on the Parisian dining scene in the Beaubourg neighbourhood of the French capital.

The new pizzeria ‘Pazzi’ is staffed entirely by robots, from order-taking to prepping the dough to putting the pizzas in boxes.

"We are in a very fast process, with a perfect control of time, a control of quality since we have a constancy offered by robotics, and then an environment that is quite cool and relaxed” says the co-inventor of the ‘Pazzi’ robot, Sébastien Roverso.

“The idea is also to spend a few pleasant minutes watching the robot while you wait for your pizza to be made."....

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A word of warning for the robots from January 2020: 
Also at EuroNews: