Sunday, April 18, 2021

"A Day in 1920s Berlin" in 4K

I am a sucker for these AI restored 4K vids, there are a couple French shorts 25 years older than this one, and you are really struck by the fact these were actual people, that they didn't live in a black-and-white world
(except maybe East Berlin in the 1950's, that was gray even when the sun was shining)

Via Messy Nessy Chic's "13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. DL)", which, if Professor Fekete's* explanation of Roman Numeral multiplication is correct,


 means Vanessa has done 7,150 of these tiny treasures in addition to the more in-depth (Huh, Apparently The Barbie Doll Began Life As a High-end German Call Girl Named Lilli) stories.


*I only know of Fekete because the FT's Alphaville editor mentioned him a couple times en passant while discussing commodity curves: 

Gold and Backwardation or: Why to Hate Izabella de Alphaville 

Gold: I Fear Izabella Kaminska Has Gone Over To The Dark Side

And as for Vanessa, though many of the stories to which we linked are quite interesting:

For Sale: "An Abandoned Overgrown Estate is the Last of its Kind in the Heart of Paris"
"The Louvre’s Secret Apartments"
There's Realism, There's Hyperrealism, There's Photo-Realism and Then There's This
Construction Used to Be More Labor Intensive (and other pictures you may not have seen before) CMB
Now It Can Be Told: Mohammed bin Salman Was the Mystery Buyer of the $300 Million French Ch√Ęteau
Picasso Pics For Sale, Cheap (chateau included)
The Man Who Sold The Eiffel Tower, Twice and A (bath) Room With A View
Art Institute of Chicago Recreates Van Gogh's Bedroom, Puts it On Airbnb

the April 2, 2021 link is mind - blowing:
One Of The Greatest Wine Collections In The World "Hidden Under a Chicken Coop: The “Louvre” of Wine"

final note: the easiest way to do the vinculum overline seen in V̅I̅I̅ above (indicating thousands so you don't have to use MMMMMMM), is to use the font generator.
Otherwise it's a ten-step process to overline in Word.

And, much as we love our readers, who has the time? Life is short.