Sunday, April 18, 2021

How Devastating Was The Freeze? "French PM Castex announces state aid worth €1bn for frostbitten farmers"

So there's our starting point. As the effects of the devastation move down the supply chain we might see an economic hit of five times the farmer aid figure.

From Radio France International, April 17: 

The French government has promised more than one billion euros to help frost-hit farmers and winemakers who have seen their crops decimated by one of the worst freezes in decades

French Prime Minister Jean Castex said that an “exceptional situation” called for “exceptional measures”, as he justified government support to the tune of one billion euros, during a meeting of farmers representatives in southern France.

Castex said the aid would arrive within 10 to 15 days for local officials to support those hardest hit farmers, according to reports from AFP.

“We were able to see again what human, economic and social tragedy this climatic accident represented,” said Castex, as reported in the regional press. “It is a question of survival for our farmers.”

Many arable farmers are stacking up huge losses after an intense freeze, that saw cold weather follow a period of seasonally unusual warm weather over hundreds of thousands of hectares, hitting 10 of France’s 13 regions. 

Agricultural disaster

It is understood that farmers and tree growers who might qualify under the country’s usual support for agricultural disaster would receive up to 40 percent of their losses. They usually receive 35 percent, according to European regulation. Tax breaks will also be considered as part of measures....


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