Wednesday, April 28, 2021

"France warns of 'reprisals' over Brexit fishing deal"

Huh. My first thought was to check the Bayeux Tapestry Museum to see if there are any analogs.

And, as a first pass guess, it looks like a no. Halley's comet isn't due until 2061 so the current reprisals probably won't be a re-enactment of 1066.*

From PoAndPo Agrifish, April 27:

France on Tuesday threatened "reprisals" against Britain unless a post-Brexit deal on fishing rights is implemented, the latest sign of cross-Channel tensions over the highly sensitive sector.

French fishermen say they are being prevented from operating in British waters because of difficulties in obtaining licenses.

They began a protest movement last week by blockading trucks bringing fish from Britain to France, saying that only 22 boats out of 120 from the Boulogne-sur-Mer port had obtained a licence for British waters.

"We are asking for the whole deal, nothing but the deal, and for as long as it has not been implemented... we will carry out reprisals in other sectors if it is necessary," French Europe Minister Clement Beaune told the BFM Business channel on Tuesday....


*On the tapestry the comet flies across the top as the people watch and point:
(segment 32 on the digitized panorama) 

But no such portent for another forty years. So what will the Normans French do?