Sunday, April 7, 2019

Q&A with M. Macron's New Digital Minister, Cédric O, on Tech in France

From TechCrunch;
What happens when you’re working behind the scene with French President Emmanuel Macron and you suddenly become a minister? This is what’s happening to Cédric O this week, who was appointed Minister for the Digital Economy on Sunday. I was the first journalist to interview him after his appointment.

While Cédric O has been talking with the French tech ecosystem for years, he usually stays away from cameras and microphones. At the Elysée, he was in charge of France’s stakes in companies and tech in general. I wrote about many of the things he’s been working on.

He invited 50 tech CEOs to meet with Emmanuel Macron and talk about “tech for good.” He invited dozens of venture capitalists and limited partners to Paris to convince them to invest more in the French tech ecosystem. He convinced Facebook to let French regulators investigate on moderation processes. And yet, you can’t find his name anywhere.

Now that he’s under the spotlight, the public figure of all things technology, it’s important to understand his views. Tech regulation is going to be a cornerstone of the economy and the fabric of society — and he has strong feelings about it....MORE
,,,Over the past few weeks, a handful of French startups have raised megarounds of funding, sometimes reaching unicorn status. This shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’ve been following the French tech ecosystem over the years. But Cédric O thinks he needs to improve the image of the tech industry in France because it has a bad reputation.,,,
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