Thursday, April 18, 2019

Ahead of the Release of the Mueller Report: Which Commenters to Listen To

The opening salvos have already been pre-written, ready to tweet so how is one to judge the credibility and correctness of an opinion?
One initial screen is to look for credentials. Since we're talking a legal investigation look for one of these displayed prominently:

All credit and honor to TaxProf Omri Marian who modestly says:
Of course the degree is only the first step in Twitter law. The tweeter also has to pass the bar but close observation reveals that 95% of the tweeps have never passed a bar unless it was closed. And even then they tug on the door handle.
Especially late-at-night tweeters.

Additionally, everyone on Twitter has, as one commenter put it, apparently been graduated summa cum loud.
Volume and stridency do not equate to insight.
Be safe out there.