Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Some French Vinyards Suffered 60% Losses in April

And the question on everyone's lips is: "Where in the world is David Keohane?".
First up,  The Connexion:
The cold snap that hit France this week caused Burgundy winegrowers to fear the worst, given the devastating effect of frost on their vines.
Under threat was the famous Chablis vineyards, where last year the crop was devastated by unseasonal rain and frost in April, followed by hail in June.
After facing a first wave of frost on Tuesday night, last night the winegrowers used several protection systems to protect the vines from the severe cold.

Local media reported that some sprinkling devices were activated from 11pm. But more spectacular by far was the lighting of hundreds of small, oil-burning heaters across hectares of vines to limit the effects of the frost.
The beautiful scene was captured by local photographer Titouan Rimbault, who took this image at the Blanchot vineyard. You can see more of his photos from Blanchot here.
However, significant damage was reported this morning, especially in nearby Maligny.

“It’s very varied from one plot to another, but it was really very cold last night, a very dry cold because the wind has fallen,” Frédéric Gueguen, president of the Federation of the Chablis Appellation, told l'Yonne Républicaine newspaper....MORE
Yes, yes  tragédie en Maligny, very sad, but what of the Côte de Nuits?
Here's Beaune
but I'm thinking a bit further north:


The little village of Vosne-Romanée.
See, for example: Questions America Wants Answered: "Why is Domaine de la Romanée-Conti So Expensive?"

Previously on the big buck booze beat:
"Vineyard-Raiding Baboons Favor Pinot Noir"
What a bunch of wine snob poseurs.
Merlot is just fine, especially if it's dolled up as Chateau Petrus.
Berry Bros. & Rudd is running a special case price, "Buy 6 and save £ 2667.37".
A Romanée Conti (pinot noir) will cost you double or triple. BB&R is price on request.
Either way, possibly more than the average baboon has in petty cash.... 

"The 6 Most Statistically Full of Shit Professions"

#6. Stock Market Experts
#5. Wine Tasters
#4. Art Critics 


Wine Spectator, April 22, has more on the frost:
Dangerous Spring Frost Hits Burgundy