Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Fly Says Watch NVIDIA For Clues On The End of Civilization (NVDA)

Or something. Sometimes, like most of the better oracles, he can be a bit difficult to understand.
Lifted in toto from The Fly at iBankCoin: 

Here’s the Canary in the Coal Mine
If you’re looking for a main market tell on risk and something to use as a canary in the proverbial coal mine — look no further than NVDA — presently circumnavigating the ass end of the FAGbox.
During the Oct-Dec market meltdown, it was the poster child for sharply lower growth stock. It has since recovered, like everything else, but it also is woefully overvalued based on its historical price to sales ratio. I’d watch this stock closely for a move beneath this range. It it happens, you’re all doomed and will soon need to seek respite inside bomb shelters and stockpile food and water for the fires to come.
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