Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Dear Paul Murphy: All is Forgiven, Please Tell The Toronto Sex Trafficking, Hookers and Wirecard Story

I was righteously discomfited* when the Financial Times' Paul Murphy frontran our plans to revisit the BBC's look at the Ticino spaghetti harvest, fearing that everyone who reads both FT Alphaville and Climateer Investing would assume, because he hit publish first, that we were uncreatively ripping-off ideas, unattributed.

However, recent life events (this morning's Markets Live) have convinced me to reconsider that position. In today's installment, Mr. Murphy retakes his perch at ML.

From FT Alphaville's Markets Live (sans the comments of the rabble, you can check them out by following the link):
BE Morgen.
[voiceover: why is Bryce speaking German?]  
BE So .... there are many things we can talk about today, and some we can't talk about.
[vo: well that's cryptic]
BE Or I can't, at least. 
PM Scratch that Bryce!
[vo: oh look, it's Alphaville's founder and first editor]
PM I couldn't stay away
PM SoftintheheadBank have just bet close to a billion dollars against my good colleague and friend Dan McCrum
BE Aha ........... It's Paul Investigations Editor Murphy.

BE Yes, I figured that might be the reason you're here.
PM We can't and won't be silenced by money
BE Wirecard up 6% or so on the news.
PM A billion dollar bet against Dan
BE Sort of.....
...PM I should mention quickly that the lawyer, Nigel, has banned me from doing AV posts on Wirecrd...
PM Alexis, an escort in Toronto, decided that a certain classified site was a scam

PM And she heard on the radio that it was maybe encouraging human trafficking
PM So she found that Wirecard were handling the payments...
[vo: wha?]
...MORE, so much more

*The above referenced kerfuffle was probably all in my mind but was committed to pixels in:
Thursday, April 18, 2019
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