Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sick to Death of Open Plan Offices?

I mean even visiting companies that use them?
Sure, they'll take you to the meeting room with the nice view but you still have to see the open-plan as you walk in, unless there is some sort of hidden passageway for access and egress and seriously, how many companies are that thoughtful re: their visitors? If you have become a confirmed confrère-o-phobe, or more generally, a straight-up misanthrope, Panasonic may have the answer for you.

I think it was designed for Panasonic battery executives searching for a way to avoid talking to Mr. Musk at the GigaFactory.

From de zeen, October 17, 2018:

Panasonic's human blinkers help people concentrate in open-plan offices
Panasonic's Future Life Factory is developing wearable blinkers, designed to limit your sense of sound and sight, and help you focus on what's directly in front of you.
The prototype device, called Wear Space, is designed to keep people distraction-free when working in busy spaces or open-plan offices by blocking them off from their immediate surroundings.
It was created by Panasonic's design studio Future Life Factory, in collaboration with Japanese fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga.
Panasonic hopes that by using the partition to cut the user's horizontal field of vision by about 60 per cent, it will encourage them to concentrate on the work in front of them.

"As open offices and digital nomads are on the rise, workers are finding it ever more important to have personal space where they can focus," said the company. "Wear Space instantly creates this kind of personal space – it's as simple as putting on an article of clothing."...MUCH MORE
I was actually at de zeen for the Notre Dame spire proposals but they didn't have the one I was looking for.
Our last visit to de zeen was in "Volkswagen Using D-Wave Quantum Computer To Fight Beijing Traffic (plus the VW Level 5 autonomous vehicle)"