Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Signposts: "Etsy Pivots From Crunchy Hipster To Gordon Gekko In One Afternoon" (ETSY)

The stock was up 3% on the news.

From DealBreaker:
Was it something we said?

The Brooklyn-based internet flea market with an identity complex has finally decided once and for all what it wants to be, and the answer is apparently “Profitable.”
The Company also announced that the Etsy Board of Directors has appointed Josh Silverman, a director on the Board since November 2016, as CEO, effective May 3, 2017. Josh succeeds Chad Dickerson, who will step down as CEO and Chair of the Board of Directors. Chad will serve in an advisory role to the Company through May 31, 2017. Fred Wilson, who joined the Etsy Board in June 2007 and has served as lead independent director since October 2014, will succeed Chad as Chair of the Board.
We’ve been unrelentingly shitty to Etsy, but even we feel compelled to acknowledge that Chad Dickerson’s hand-woven portrait should be hung in the halls of Etsy’s corporate offices. The guy took what was a handmade wooden computer monitor company, turned it into an e-commerce unicorn in Brooklyn and then took the damn thing public....MORE -(it's pretty good)
April 2015
Signposts: "Etsy’s Surging IPO Shows Losing Your Indie Cred Pays Off"
The artisanal schtick had gotten so mockable that "Ye Olde Artisanal Stock Pickery & Son" (or 'Equity investing as a luxury good')" was damn near non-fiction.
And then there's Etsy.... 

April 2015
"Etsy’s Stock Is A Découpage of Market Schadenfreude" (ETSY)

April 2015 
Climateer Line of the Day: Words As A String Of Pearls Edition
I guarantee you my brain does not run fast enough to have ever had the sequence of thoughts represented by these pixels:
"...Can Etsy grow that fast? 
Maybe it has unleahsed the hobbyist instincts of a new generation of interconnected micro-entrepreneurs wagging the long tail of demand for individualised consumption...."
-Dan McCrum at FT Alphaville's The artisanal of valuation

June 2015 
"How To Get Away With Being An Etsy Witch" (ETSY)
Thank goodness.
It's tough enough to to pursue the  necromancer's art, just look at this poor guy:
Peak Oil Stalwart to Shutter Forum/News Site, Persue Career as Astrologer
Following up on yesterday's "Artisanal Or Not, You Can't Sell Your Witches Spell On Etsy (ETSY)".
Etsy infuriates the witch community with its ban on selling spells 

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