Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Why Does This Bar of Chocolate Cost $260?"

During the summer of 1987 money was flowing so freely that I remember thinking while hiding out at some-party-or-other that 'this must be what the summer of 1929 felt like'.

I don't have that feeling yet but a few more stories like this and I might.

From Modern Farmer:

How do you justify spending $260 on 50 grams of chocolate?
For starters, the founders of To’ak chocolate suggest splitting it 12 ways, so you get just over four grams for a more modest $21.66.

For high-end foodies who shell out big bucks for a few ounces of a rare wine or bourbon, To’ak founder Jerry Toth hopes the idea of dark chocolate tastings will be a compelling sell. Within five years, “dark chocolate tasting will be something that people in the US do,” he predicts.

Fewer than 200 of the 574 Ecuador-sourced bars produced in his first batch have sold so far, according to a running count on the To’ak chocolate website.

But Toth, a former Wall Street investment banker who cashed out in ’02 for a surfing trip that turned into a business venture, says he isn’t worried. He predicts that in 10 years, the high-end chocolate scene will boom to the point that he worries “it’ll be a saturated market.”...MORE
...His 50-ounce bars  come in a wooden box with a serial number, informational guide and Spanish elm tasting tweezers... 
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