Sunday, May 14, 2017

Stars and Their Cars or Why Mass Car-Sharing Will Have to Be Mandated

Last Thursday I promised some additional material to complement Izabella Kaminska's FT Alphaville post embedded/linked in ""What Hertz tells us about the future of shared mobility" (HTZ)".

Then she came right back with a follow-up: "More on the rental car canary in the coal mine", stealing our thunder and any possible reflected glory in the process.
I hate her.
And her high speed typing skills.

So I'll to do this at my pace, slowly, in serial form over the next few days. The first point to make is: people like automobiles. Here are some photographs as examples:
Clark Gable and his 1932 Packard
Joan Crawford and her 1929 Ford Town Car
Carl Brisson behind the Wheel of his 1934 Isotta Fraschini
 Joan Crawford (again) and her 1930 (or 1931) Cadillac Fleetwood
Tyrone Power with his Duesenberg
Lillian Harvey and her Mercedes
Marlene Dietrich & ’35 Cadillac
Johnny Weissmüller & 1932 Chevrolet
Ginger Rogers and her 1937 Dodge
Rita Hayworth with her 1941 Lincoln Continental
Cary Grant and his 1941 Buick Century

These pics are via Rense and Selvedge Yard but there are thousands of them scattered across the internet.
The fact is: people like their cars.