Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Hedge Fund Name Generator

You've done your homework:
"How to Start a Hedge Fund" and "Budding Gordon Gekkos Get Tips on Ponzi Scams in 'History of Greed'"

You've decided on the type of investing you will pursue:
"Asset International's Periodic Table of Hedge Fund Strategy Returns"

 You have set your personal goals:
"The Top 25 Highest Earning Hedge Fund Managers"

You have searched your soul:
"More on The Top Earning Hedge Fund Managers and The Metaphysics of Moolah"

You have begun to spread the word that you are serious:
"Dogbert on Hedge Fund Marketing, Structured Products and Virtual Currency"

There's one last thing to do which may be critical to your success:
Pick a name!

Stumped for ideas? There's always the Hedge Fund Name Generator

Don't use one of these:

Most disliked names
Top 10 Hedge Fund names, the Hedge Fund Name Generator users seem to be trashing. If you like them ... well you might be the only one :) 
Hedge Fund name Average Rating
YellowMount Partners 1.00
SummerTree Brothers 1.00
OakBay 1.00
BrownField Holdings 1.00
StateView Sons & Co 1.00
YellowView Funds 1.00
SpringRoad Sons & Co 1.00
BrownStream Markets 1.00
YellowCrescent Sons & Co 1.00
StateVille Advantage 1.00

Rather, keep spinning until you see something like this:

Most liked names
Top 10 Hedge Fund names favoured by the Hedge Fund Name Generator users. If you like them too, you'd better hurry up as some other traders might already be running with the name. 
Hedge Fund name Average Rating
OakStone Holdings 5.00
RedHill Sons & Co 5.00
OakHill Advisors 5.00
SolidMount Advantage 5.00
BrownTree Trust 5.00
SilverRock Advisors 5.00
StateStreet Funds 5.00
FallStream Funds 5.00
WinterStream Partners 5.00
BlackCity Partners 5.00

Fame and fortune await.