Monday, November 17, 2014

Holy Crap Would You Look At the Solar Stocks (FSLR; TSL; TAN; SPWR)

The only part of solar we're interested in at the moment is the financing and even this offers lower expected returns than, say, shorting shiny rocks....*
-Climateer Investing November 6, 2014 
We know these beasties pretty well, having traded the group out in public on the blog for, in the case of First Solar, almost the entire run from the Nov. 17, 2006 IPO (happy anniversary) at $20 to the $317.00 top tick in May 2008 to $11.43 by June 2012 before they came back into favor, somewhat.

 *Major "See also": Gold holds near 2-week high after short-covering rally

First up the premier U.S. thin-film manufacturer:
The silicon manufacturer that the Chinese government has chosen to be a winner:
The Guggenheim Solar ETF:

And the largest U.S. silicon photovoltaic manufacturer:
If they can't hit the brakes very soon (today?) they are headed for multi-year lows.

FSLR   47.36 -1.13 (-2.33%)
TSL       9.35 -0.38 (-3.91%)
TAN     34.46 -0.49 (-1.40%)
SPWR  26.85 -0.67 (-2.42%)