Thursday, November 20, 2014

Don't Hate the Norwegians Just Because They're Better Than You: Passport and Currency Edition

From Foreign Policy's Passport blog:
Turns out Norway has more to offer the world than just melodramatic memoirists, stupid television, and really expensive beer. Also: pretty passports and currency.

Norwegian authorities recently unveiled new designs for their national currency and passports. Both are elegant, minimalist designs that play on Norway's design heritage and natural beauty.
The passport comes in three colors -- white, turquoise, and red -- for immigrant, diplomatic, and standard travel documents, respectively. A riff on the country's crest graces the cover.
The interior pages deliver spare takes on Norway's most famous natural feature: its magnificent fjords. The design is evocative in its simplicity.
And when put under a black light, the northern lights appear:


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