Monday, November 17, 2014

"Elon Musk claims robots could kill us all in FIVE YEARS in his latest internet post… then deletes it shortly after"

It sounds like either Bored Elon Musk, the parody Twitter account or Drunk Elon Musk, the messin' with your head billionaire.
Or maybe it's Werewolves of London all over again. They laughed at Zevon but he was right.
And Elon's hair is perfect.

From the Daily Mail:
  • SpaceX and Tesla CEO has again warned of the dangers of AI robots 
  • In a comment he said he feared something 'dangerous happening' 
  • Musk says the rise of AI will be exponential and could spell disaster 
  • He cites a London-based company called Deepmind as an example of how rapidly artificial intelligence is improving  
  • Musk made the comment on futurology website Edge but then deleted it 
  • It follows numerous other such comments from the entrepreneur recently 
He may run some of the world's leading technology companies such as SpaceX and Tesla Motors, but in recent months Elon Musk has become increasingly wary of the growth of technology.

In particular, he has repeatedly expressed his concern at the rise in artificial intelligence, and he thinks it could pose a serious threat to the future of humanity.

In his latest comment he fears that the risk of ‘something seriously dangerous happening’ could be in as few as five years....MORE