Sunday, November 23, 2014

College Bound? Prep for the SAT With Kim Kardashian

From the New York Daily News:

Kim Kardashian’s butt on Paper magazine cover can help kids do math
Famous photo inspired SAT prep company Catalyst to teach geometry in a broad new way. Area of a circle is a crucial skill to learn when gazing upon the reality TV star's tush.
Here’s a cheeky way to do math.

Kim Kardashian’s naked butt broke the internet — but now it’s helping to fix students’ understanding of basic geometry.

Catalyst, a test prep company, is using the ultimate semi-circle in its latest pop-culture-inspired questions to get kids primed for the SAT. (See questions below).

Catalyst’s interest in Kardashian’s image from the cover of Paper magazine is not just sexploitation. It’s downright Platonic.

“Kim Kardashian’s backside is almost perfectly circular,” company founder Jared Friedland tells the Daily News. “As soon as we saw that, it occurred to me that we could teach three types of geometry questions.”

And as every eighth grade boy knows, Friedland is talking about circumference, angles and area of a circle. The median age of the test taker is 16...MORE
No comment on the median age of the (re)blogger.