Thursday, June 16, 2011

Turkey Considers Military Action IN Syria

From the Telegraph:
Government sources told a leading Turkish newspaper that soldiers could be sent in to Syria to set up a "safe haven" under plans being considered should the flood of those fleeing the fighting worsened.
"We would close the border but we cannot turn our back," a Turkish official told the newspaper, Hurriyet. "If chaos starts, then we will have to form a security zone or a buffer zone inside Syrian territory."
The suggestion, which would be a marked escalation of the crisis and seriously alarm Damascus, came as Turkey faced pressure to take tougher action over the crisis in a neighbour until recently seen as an ally.
Amnesty International on Thursday accused the Turkish government of helping Syria to cover up crimes against its own people by stopping refugees telling their stories to journalists and human rights groups....MORE
Syria has a lot of missiles. I'm guessing Turkey would want some anti-missile backup from Uncle Sugar.