Monday, June 20, 2011

Silicon Valley to Focus on Ag in Central Valley and Beyond

"Yup, I used to raise corn for ethanol. But then the topsoil blew away and I couldn't even get enough juice to run my tractor or get drunk on Saturday. Then this stranger came to town. Ordered something called a 'la-tay' and called himself a 'vee-cee.' Said he'd give me $20 million to come to Californee and herd algae. So we packed up our furniture in his little toy car and came west. Now I've got a regular bonanza of the slimy critters and the kids got shoes. Hain't looked over my shoulder back east since."
-from our post "Algaen Gothic"
american gothic parody

Sincere apologies to the Grant Wood Estate.

Press Release from the California Agriculture Innovation Conference via the Sacramento Bee:

This summer, venture capitalists from Silicon Valley and agriculturalists from throughout California will meet to explore possible investment opportunities within agriculture that can create new ag-related companies, jobs and economic activity throughout the state.

The California Agriculture Innovation Conference, set for July 20 and 21st at Freeborn Hall at UC Davis, marks the first time that the Silicon Valley will be focusing on the Central Valley and beyond for potential investment opportunities within the state's agricultural industry.  Conference organizers believe that by bringing the venture capital community together with the agricultural community, there will be tremendous potential to create an innovative technology hub for agriculture in the Central Valley as was done in the Silicon Valley for high tech.

"This conference is a must for everyone involved in California agriculture including growers, ag tech companies, suppliers, marketers, financers, investors, educators and government officials," said Jon Gregory, CEO of Grow-California, which is holding the two-day event.  He added, "Considering agriculture's huge impact on California's economy, this is a unique opportunity to showcase agriculture's innovative success stories while introducing some of the biggest names in the investment community to the agricultural industry."...MORE