Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hey Gang! Hows About a 300 point Up-move in the Dow Jones' to End the Week? (DIA; SPY)

In Sunday's "Stock Market Choice Between Bulls Buying or Waterfall Drop" I said:
Best guess for this week?
A fakeout shakeout Monday/Tuesday, 10-15 S&P points down and up from Friday's 1271 close.
Followed by a 3-3 1/2% upmove by the close on Friday.
Off by a day on the shakeout.
So far the weekly range was an intermediate high of 1,292.50 yesterday and today's low of 1,261.90.
The right order of magnitude.
So it's on to DJIA 12,250. Currently 11,900.41 S&P 1266. More tomorrow.
[hubris, thy name is Climateer -ed]