Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Anyone Missing A Couple Summer Analysts?"

This is good news for folks concerned about U.S. competitiveness vs the Chinese.
From DealBreaker:
These two were apparently spotted in Battery Park at 5:15am. Could be staged (Gray Pants’ head-in-lap looks a bit posed and he seems like he’s more sad than passed out) but if you were going to fake something like this, wouldn’t you step it up a little/lot a bit (save for the fact that it’s early in the morning, the duo/scene probably wouldn’t garner that much attention during lunch)? No one’s even missing any articles of clothing or giving off a scent of White Zinfandel mixed with remorse. Probably just taking a li’l nap and chose to do so outside rather than under their desks.

Long time readers may remember last November's "China Outpacing US In Blacking Out-During-Interview Skills":

One of the best physical metals traders I've ever known had to practice this particular skill for weeks before he was allowed to do turnkey (negotiate/finance/logistics) $50-100 Mil. Russian aluminum deals.
From DealBreaker:
While we’re on the subject of prepping for interviews, if you find yourself applying for a gig in China, please be advised that according to the South China Morning Post, “mainland job-seekers are increasingly required to exhibit ‘grey skills’ – binge drinking, playing mahjong and even ballroom dancing – to provide them with an edge in the market.” Several individuals took this advice to heart recently, resulting in the following scene.

Those would be the 4 men who were found passed out in Baguocheng Square earlier in the week, after they’d gone on their second round of interviews for sales jobs at an unnamed firm.
At noon, the company leader invited them for lunch. Eager to impress the boss, they competed in drinking more alcohol. In the end they were wasted. At first, they just sat on the ground chatting, but soon three of them lied down and passed out. The fourth guy leaned against a telephone pole, standing unsteadily, occasionally muttered some words out his mouth and shivered non-stop. Two of them slept while hugging each other and their backpacks. The police eventually called 120. And minutes later three men were sent to the hospital by ambulance.
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