Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Gold Finds A Way To Kick John Paulson When He’s Down" (as foretold by the prophecy) XAU; HUI: GLD; GDX

From May 20th's "What To Expect As QE 2 Ends...":
I don't think that gold bucks the trend this time. Down, then up on QE3.
If correct, a leveraged bet against the miners would be in order.
Judging the magnitude of the market reaction is tougher this time as the size of the bond buying was only half that of QE....
From DealBreaker:
Really? He really needs this shit right now, after the fake trees incident?
Even one of Paulson’s recent bright spots – gold – has been stumbling lately. Paulson has profited with a big wager on gold, and through April his gold hedge fund was up 7.7% on the year, according to an investor. Paulson has told investors that he’s put a big chunk of his own money in the gold fund, as well as in various gold classes of his existing funds. But the gold fund tripped up in May, according to one investor, closing the month up less than 2% for the year. And so far this month, some of the firm’s large investments in stocks of gold miners, including AngloGold Ashanti Ltd. and Gold Fields, are struggling.
John Paulson Also Taking A Bath On Gold Mining Stocks [WSJ]
It may be time to take a vacation, I'm starting to scare myself.