Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Hockey News Apologizes and Retracts Story on Phil Falcone/Harbinger Capital

From Regret the Error:
 The Hockey News deeply regrets and retracts the publication of its June 9, 2011 story entitled: “Source: Craig Leipold to acquire additional 40 percent of Minnesota Wild if minority owner Philip Falcone forced out.” The story appeared on

The story was erroneous concerning the proceedings of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and the SEC’s plans or decisions with respect to Mr. Falcone or his company, Harbinger. We were also incorrect as to Mr. Falcone’s business plans and the potential sale of his minority ownership in the Wild... 

...The story does not reflect the high journalistic standards applied by The Hockey News....MORE
Also at Regret the Error, the Guardian apologizes:
“The Prince of Wales does not employ and has never employed an aide to squeeze his toothpaste for him.”
Rupert Murdoch-owned website accidentally posts fake story about Murdoch